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Which Nutrition Plan is Best For You?

This is a question I receive fairly often, except it is usually in the form of "What diet is best?" So when I saw this post by @mathasfitness on Instagram, I immediately asked him if he was alright with me sharing it here. He has hit the nail on the head with this! Read on and hit us up with any questions you might have!

5 criteria that MUST be met when choosing a diet 💥

By David Mathas

1️⃣ Physiologically safe

2️⃣ Mentally rewarding

3️⃣ Emotionally supportive

4️⃣ Sustainability

5️⃣ Does it put you in a calorie deficit

The best diet is the one you will be able to stick to long term. Keto, Paleo, South Beach, Vegan, Carnivore, etc, the reason they all work for people is because the one’s who choose this and see results do so because it fits their lifestyle.

When deciding if a diet is right for you it is important to ask yourself if it fits in to the 5 criteria I listed above. No diet out there is magic…they will all produce results if you are truly in a caloric deficit, however, if you choose one that goes against any of the five criteria listed above you will probably fail long term because it won’t be SUSTAINABLE.

Does the diet you are choosing harm your body? Is it restrictive? Is it going to cause you to become isolated and withdrawn from family, friends, and other social engagements? Is it going to allow you to sustain being in a caloric deficit without wanting to binge? Do you feel positive about yourself, the way you are eating, and what you are trying to achieve?

I know I am a physique and strength coach but I am here to tell you I ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS put my clients health first and foremost, you can ask any of them. The reason being is that I truly care about them as individuals and I also know that if you don’t have your 4 pillars of health down (Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual) then you will never be able to maximize and achieve your true best.

Do not choose a diet because you think it is any better than another. Choose a way of consuming your nutrients that is going to have you confidently saying YES, it does meet all this criteria above and will be sustainable given my lifestyle and preferences.

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